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The Measure Of Things is a search engine for finding comparative or relative measurements of physical quantities.

Want to know how much, how long, how many, how far, how large, how tall, how high, or how heavy something is? Want to figure what weighs 5; 500; or 5,000 tons? The Measure Of Things can tell you what you need to know.

With the Measure Of Things tool, you can take a physical quantity - like 84 kilograms or 23 cubic meters - and see how it compares to a list of famous or well-known objects. For example, 84 kilograms is the weight of about 17 gallons of paint, while 23 cubic meters is about twice the volume of a cement mixer truck.

You can use the Measure Of Things to research equivalent measures for several types of quantities, including weight, length, speed, time, height, area, volume, and computer data.

Did you know?
The height of a Mauna Loa is 9,168 meters
Here you'll find measurements of hundreds of people and things, including:

The weight of a Baseball
The length of The Hollywood Walk of Fame
The length of The First spaceflight (Sputnik)
The weight of a Human Brain
The size of a Bath Towel
The length of an Aspirin
The amount of The's databases
The size of Indianapolis
The amount of a DVD
The size of Dublin International Airport (DUB)
The size of Sydney Harbour
The speed of a bolt of Lightning
The weight of a Battery (D)
The height of Matt Roloff
The weight of The Eiffel Tower
The height of The Hollywood Sign
The size of a Baseball
The size of Kangaroo Island
The amount of a Walmart's Mainframe
The weight of a Gallon of Paint

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