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15,300,000 shaftments is about four-fifths as long as The Danube.
In other words, it's 0.8180 times the length of The Danube, and the length of The Danube is 1.220 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Donau, a.k.a. Dunaj, a.k.a. Dunav, a.k.a. Duna, a.k.a. Дунав (Dunav), a.k.a. Dunărea, a.k.a. Дунáй (Dunay), a.k.a. Tuna) (from Breg Martinskapelle, Black Forest, Germany through the Danube Delta, Romania)
The Danube river runs 18,700,000 shaftments in total length. Intersecting Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary; and Belgrade, Serbia, the Danube touches more capital cities than any other river.
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