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21,000,000 ells is about two-and-a-half times as long as The Great Wall of China (total)
In other words, it's 2.710 times the length of The Great Wall of China (total), and the length of The Great Wall of China (total) is 0.3690 times that amount.
(长城, 長城, Chángchéng, a.k.a. 万里长城, 萬里長城, Wànlǐ Chángchéng) (a.k.a. "The long wall of 10,000 Li") (from Shanhaiguan through Lop Nur, China) (total length, all branches)
The Great Wall of China, including all branches and trenches, is 7,740,000 ells. Built and maintained in multiple sections over about eleven centuries, the Great Wall is currently suffering the effects of erosion, especially in the older sections made primarily out of mud.
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