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How big is 754.80 circular mils?

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It's about 0.000000000008 times as big as a Polo field.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.000000000007623695140 times the size of a Polo field, and the size of a Polo field is 131,169,988,000 times that amount.
(for field polo) (United States Polo Association rules; unboarded side maximum)
An outdoor polo field must measure 274.32 m in length and 146.304 m to in width for a total playing area of up to 99,007,107,000,000 circular mils. Polo traces its origins to an Iranian (then Persian) war game from the 5th Century, which was played with as many as 100 players per side.
It's about 0.000000000007 times as big as Windsor Castle.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.00000000000720 times the size of Windsor Castle, and the size of Windsor Castle is 140,000,000,000 times that amount.
(Windsor, England) (total site area)
One of the official residences of the British monarch, Windsor Castle measures about 100,000,000,000,000.00000000000000000 circular mils. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is also the oldest in continuous use, having been occupied since it was built by William the Conqueror about 900 years ago.
It's about 0.000000000005 times as big as Buckingham Palace.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.00000000000500 times the size of Buckingham Palace, and the size of Buckingham Palace is 200,000,000,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Buckingham House) (Westminster, London, England)
Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, contains about 150,000,000,000,000.00000000000000000 circular mils of total floor space. The palace was first inhabited by Queen Victoria in 1831, although after the death of her husband in 1861, the Queen endeavored to spend as little time there as public opinion would allow.
It's about 0.000000000005 times as big as Alcatraz.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.00000000000430 times the size of Alcatraz, and the size of Alcatraz is 230,000,000,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. The Rock) (California)
Alcatraz Island measures 180,000,000,000,000.00000000000000000 circular mils. It is known a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and has historically served as a lighthouse, fort, military prison, and — most famously — a federal prison.
It's about 0.000000000004 times as big as Ellis Island.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.000000000003450 times the size of Ellis Island, and the size of Ellis Island is 290,000,000,000 times that amount.
(Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City, New York)(now officially part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument)
Ellis Island, home of the Ellis Island Immigration Station, is 219,000,000,000,000.000000000000000000 circular mils in total area. Nine-tenths of the island were artificially created after the New York-New Jersey borders had already been defined, leading to a sovereignty dispute which was settled by the US Supreme Court in 1998.
It's about 0.000000000003 times as big as The Pentagon.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.000000000002770 times the size of The Pentagon, and the size of The Pentagon is 361,000,000,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. United States Department of Defense Headquarters) (Washington, D.C.) (total floor area)
The Pentagon, the world's largest office building, contains a total floor area of 272,000,000,000,000.000000000000000000 circular mils. Built during World War II, the designers compensated for the steel rations then in effect by using 310,000 cu. m of concrete in the construction efforts.
It's about 0.000000000002 times as big as Grand Central Station.
In other words, 754.80 circular mils is 0.00000000000200 times the size of Grand Central Station, and the size of Grand Central Station is 500,000,000,000 times that amount.
(formally Grand Central Terminal, a.k.a. Grand Central, a.k.a. GCT) (New York City, New York) (total terminal area). Grand Central station, the largest train station in the world by platform count, measures 400,000,000,000,000.00000000000000000 circular mils in total area. The large flag which was suspended from the concourse ceiling following the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks measures about 100,000,000,000 circular mils.