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How heavy is 857.30 hundredweight?

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It's about 250 times as heavy as a Reindeer.
In other words, 857.30 hundredweight is 235 times the weight of a Reindeer, and the weight of a Reindeer is 0.00426 times that amount.
(for Rangifer tarandus granti, adult, bull) (a.k.a. Caribou) ()Rangifer tarandus)
An adult, male reindeer weighs between 3.650 hundredweight. Reindeer undertake a lengthy annual migration, with some herds traveling up to 5,000 km.

To all those observing, Merry Christmas from the Measure of Things.
It's about one-two-hundred-fiftieth as heavy as The Eiffel Tower.
In other words, 857.30 hundredweight is 0.00385 times the weight of The Eiffel Tower, and the weight of The Eiffel Tower is 260 times that amount.
(a.k.a. La Tour Eiffel) (Paris, France) (total weight)
The Eiffel Tower weighs approximately 223,000 hundredweight. Architected to be quickly assembled, the Tower contains only 7.5 cu. m (260 cu. ft) of solid material.
It's about 250 times as heavy as a Panda Bear.
In other words, the weight of a Panda Bear is 0.0038 times 857.30 hundredweight.
(a.k.a. Giant Panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca)(Adult, male)
An adult, male Giant Panda weighs up to 3.30 hundredweight. Despite having the digestive system of a carnivore, the panda eats only bamboo and must eat up to 0.140 hundredweight of it per day to compensate for the limited energy the plant provides.
It's about one-three-hundred-fiftieth as heavy as The Brooklyn Bridge.
In other words, 857.30 hundredweight is 0.002919 times the weight of The Brooklyn Bridge, and the weight of The Brooklyn Bridge is 342.60 times that amount.
(a.k.a. New York and Brooklyn Bridge) (Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City, New York) (total weight)
The total weight of the Brooklyn Bridge is approximately 293,700 hundredweight. In a promotional event to prove the bridge's stability shortly after it opened, entertainer P. T. Barnum led a parade of 21 elephants across it in May of 1884.
It's about 450 times as heavy as a Kangaroo.
In other words, the weight of a Kangaroo is 0.0022 times 857.30 hundredweight.
(for red kangaroo, Macropus rufus) (adult, male)
An adult, male red kangaroo weighs up to 1.90 hundredweight. Fantastic jumpers, red kangaroos can leap horizontally 9 m (30 ft) and vertically 3 m (9 ft) in a single bound.
It's about one-six-hundred-fiftieth as heavy as The Statue of Liberty.
In other words, the weight of The Statue of Liberty is 630 times 857.30 hundredweight.
(a.k.a. Liberty Enlightening the World, a.k.a. La Liberté éclairant le monde) (total weight, including foundation)
The total weight of the Statue of Liberty is roughly 540,000 hundredweight. The statue was designed using an optical trick known as "forced perspective" to make the statue appear proportionally correct when viewed from its base and is, in actuality, disproportionately large at the top.
It's about 800 times as heavy as an Octopus.
In other words, 857.30 hundredweight is 780 times the weight of an Octopus, and the weight of an Octopus is 0.0013 times that amount.
(for Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus) (Adult, average)
The adult North Pacific Giant Octopus usually weighs around 1.10 hundredweight. It is the largest octopus species and is known for its considerable intelligence, including the ability to open jars, solve mazes, and mimic other octopuses.