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How heavy is 57 fluid drams (ʒ)?

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It's about fifteen times as heavy as a Compact disc.
In other words, the weight of a Compact disc is 0.067 times 57 fluid drams (ʒ).
(a.k.a. CD)
A compact disc typically weighs 3.90 fluid drams (ʒ). Data is stored on CDs by encoding into the track a series of tiny pits — each between 3.5 and 850 µm (0.00014 and 0.033 in) in length.
It's about eighteen times as heavy as a Battery (AAA).
In other words, the weight of a Battery (AAA) is 0.056 times 57 fluid drams (ʒ).
An "AAA" size battery weighs 3.10 fluid drams (ʒ). Batteries are named by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Committee C18 and AAA batteries were given their name because they were smaller than the "AA" and "A" size batteries which were invented first.
It's about one-twentieth as heavy as a Cat.
In other words, the weight of a Cat is 20 times 57 fluid drams (ʒ).
(Felis catus) (Domestic; healthy weight)
The average domestic cat should weigh between 1,000 fluid drams (ʒ). Cats are known for their righting reflex, which allows them to land on their feet and survive falls from heights of 1 m (3 ft) up to about 21 m.
It's about one-twenty-fifth as heavy as a Gallon of Paint.
In other words, the weight of a Gallon of Paint is 30 times 57 fluid drams (ʒ).
(excluding container; average weight)
A gallon of paint weighs about 1,000 fluid drams (ʒ). Every day, 10,000,000 L (3,000,000 gal) of paint are applied in the United States.
It's about one-thirtieth as heavy as a Bowling Ball.
In other words, 57 fluid drams (ʒ) is 0.0325714286 times the weight of a Bowling Ball, and the weight of a Bowling Ball is 30.70175440 times that amount.
(most common selection among male bowlers)
With an allowable range of 1,283.333330 fluid drams (ʒ), the most-preferred bowling ball weight among adult, male bowlers is 1,750 fluid drams (ʒ). Because regulation balls measure the same diameter irrespective of their weight, ball density varies by size and balls weighing less than about 1,286.02986 fluid drams (ʒ) will float in water.
It's about thirty times as heavy as an Eye (Human).
In other words, the weight of an Eye (Human) is 0.032 times 57 fluid drams (ʒ).
A fully developed eye (in a person over the age of thirteen), weighs about 1.80 fluid drams (ʒ). The pupil of the eye varies depending on the amount of light it is exposed to, but typically measures about 4 mm across.
It's about forty times as heavy as a Quarter.
In other words, 57 fluid drams (ʒ) is 39.09 times the weight of a Quarter, and the weight of a Quarter is 0.02558 times that amount.
(United States quarter-dollar coin) (a.k.a. Quarter dollar, a.k.a. America the Beautiful quarter, a.k.a. two bits)
The America the Beautiful series quarters, which began to enter circulation in 2017, weigh 1.4580 fluid drams (ʒ) each. In answer to the common riddle, there are 119 ridges around the edge of the coin in its current design.