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How big is 931 barrels?

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It's about ten times as big as a Concrete Mixer Truck.
In other words, the size of a Concrete Mixer Truck is 0.1 times 931 barrels.
(a.k.a. cement mixer, a.k.a. cement mixer truck, a.k.a. cement transport truck, a.k.a. concrete mixer, a.k.a. concrete transport truck, a.k.a. in-transit mixer)(standard size; drum capacity)
It's about one-twentieth as big as a Hot Air Balloon.
In other words, the size of a Hot Air Balloon is 20 times 931 barrels.
(four-person capacity; envelope volume; average)
It's about one-twenty-fifth as big as an Olympic Swimming Pool.
In other words, the size of an Olympic Swimming Pool is 23 times 931 barrels.
(FINA regulation; (minimum capacity)
According to the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), a swimming pool for Olympic and world championship events must measure 50 m by 25 m with a depth of at least 2 m for a total volume of 22,000 barrels. A pool of this size was to be used in Olympic time trials in New Jersey in early 2008, but its component pieces were stolen from a warehouse, likely to be sold for scrap metal.
It's about one-fifty-fifth as big as The Goodyear Blimp.
In other words, the size of The Goodyear Blimp is 53.2 times 931 barrels.
It's about 150 times as big as a Hot Tub.
In other words, the size of a Hot Tub is 0.00667 times 931 barrels.
(for Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets) (a.k.a. Spa, a.k.a. Jacuzzi, a.k.a. Whirlpool) (Advertised Capacity)
An average, four-person hot tub holds 6.22 barrels of water. Modern hot tubs became popular outside of Japan starting in about 1940.
It's about one-two-hundred-fiftieth as big as The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.
In other words, 931 barrels is 0.00421 times the size of The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and the size of The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is 238 times that amount.
(Washington, D.C.)
It's about one-three-hundred-fiftieth as big as The Capitol Rotunda (US).
In other words, the size of The Capitol Rotunda (US) is 340 times 931 barrels.
(formally United States Capitol rotunda) (Washington, D. C.) (total chamber volume)