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How fast is 45 miles per second?

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It's about one-and-seven-tenths times as fast as a Meteor
In other words, the speed of a Meteor is 0.590 times 45 miles per second.
(formally Meteoroid or meteorite, depending on the context; a.k.a. "shooting star", a.k.a. "falling star")
Small meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere at speeds between 6.90 miles per second and 45 miles per second, depending on their size. The fireball effect, known as ablation, ceases once the atmosphere has slowed the meteoroid to a velocity of about 1.70 miles per second.
It's about three-fourths as fast as a bolt of Lightning
In other words, the speed of a bolt of Lightning is 1.40 times 45 miles per second.
(atmospheric electrical discharge)
A bolt of lightning can travel at up to 60 miles per second when arcing from the atmosphere to the Earth. An estimated 280 million lightning strikes strikes occur each year.
It's about one-four-thousandth as fast as The Speed of Light
In other words, 45 miles per second is 0.00024156871885016 times the speed of The Speed of Light, and the speed of The Speed of Light is 4,139.60882336040 times that amount.
(C) (in a vacuum)
The speed of light (and all other electromagnetic radiation) in a perfect vacuum is known as "c" and measures 186,282.397051220 miles per second, per the formal definition of the meter. While visible light travels close to this speed in air, it slows to 124,188.264702890 miles per second when passing through the glass of a typical window.