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How long is 0.0055 furlongs?

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It's about one-fifteenth as long as a Bowling Lane.
In other words, 0.0055 furlongs is 0.057759 times the length of a Bowling Lane, and the length of a Bowling Lane is 17.3130 times that amount.
(USBC specifications; tenpin; including pin deck)
According to the United States Bowling Congress specifications, a tenpin bowling lane should measure 0.095224 furlongs. In a Professional Bowling Association game, the lane must be lubricated by about 25 ml (0.85 fl. oz) of oil.
It's about one-twentieth as long as a Cricket Pitch.
In other words, the length of a Cricket Pitch is 18.18180 times 0.0055 furlongs.
(per Marylebone Cricket Council / International Cricket Council Law #6)
The length of a cricket pitch, from one bowling crease to the other, is 0.10 furlongs. The wickets at either end of the pitch stand 0.0035791 furlongs tall including the bails.
It's about twenty times as tall as a Golf Tee.
In other words, the height of a Golf Tee is 0.05 times 0.0055 furlongs.
The most common golf tee size and the length preferred for iron and most wood clubs is 0.00027 furlongs tall. The tee did not come into common use until it was promoted by professional golfers Walter Hagen and Joe Kirkwood, as part of a marketing effort by the patent-holder of the well-known, "Reddy Tee."
It's about one-twenty-fifth as long as Baseball base distances.
In other words, 0.0055 furlongs is 0.040333 times the length of Baseball base distances, and the length of Baseball base distances is 24.7940 times that amount.
(MLB Official Baseball Rules specification)
According to MLB Official Baseball Rules, the distance between baseball diamond bases is 0.136360 furlongs. While second and home base are located upon the corners of the 27.432 sq. m area created by the bases, first and third base are placed within that square, to better allow the umpires to judge whether a ball is fair or foul.
It's about one-fortieth as tall as The Chicago Water Tower.
In other words, 0.0055 furlongs is 0.0236 times the height of The Chicago Water Tower, and the height of The Chicago Water Tower is 42.40 times that amount.
(Chicago, Illinois)
The Chicago Water Tower is 0.2330 furlongs tall. The tower's architecture was one source of inspiration behind the design of White Castle fast-food restaurants beginning with "Building Number 8," a prefabricated structure built in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1936.
It's about one-forty-fifth as tall as The Arc de Triomphe.
In other words, the height of The Arc de Triomphe is 43 times 0.0055 furlongs.
(Paris, France)
The Arc de Triomphe stands 0.240 furlongs tall. France's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the First World War lies beneath the arch and is commemorated by the first eternal flame to have been lit in modern European history.
It's about one-forty-fifth as tall as Nelson's Column.
In other words, 0.0055 furlongs is 0.02143 times the height of Nelson's Column, and the height of Nelson's Column is 46.660 times that amount.
(London, England, United Kingdom) (from pedestal first step to tip of statue's hat)
Nelson's Column measures 0.25670 furlongs from the first step of the pedestal's base to the top of the statue's hat. While the London tower is the tallest, there are at least eight other monuments to Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Barbados.