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How much is 30 bytes?

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It's about three-tenths as much as a Magnetic Stripe Card.
In other words, the amount of a Magnetic Stripe Card is 3 times 30 bytes.
(maximum capacity; per ISO 7811 specification)
The storage capacity of a magnetic stripe on a credit or identification card is about 100 bytes. According to legend, Forrest Parry, the IBM engineer who developed the first magnetic stripe card in 1960, was able to solve the problem of adhering the strip to the card after his wife suggested using an iron.
It's about one-eighty-fifth as much as a Page of Text.
In other words, the amount of a Page of Text is 83 times 30 bytes.
(50 lines, 50 characters per line, ASCII encoding)
A 50-character-per-line, 50-line page of Latin alphabet text requires 2,500 bytes when digitally represented. The Google Books project, which has produced hundreds of millions of pages of digital text, used a robotic device to digitize over eight million titles at a rate of about 1,000 pages per second.
It's about one-fifty-thousandth as much as a Floppy Disk (3½-in).
In other words, 30 bytes is 0.00002034510 times the amount of a Floppy Disk (3½-in), and the amount of a Floppy Disk (3½-in) is 49,151.90 times that amount.
(high density, IBM PC format)
Despite common reference to them as "1.44" megabyte (mB) disks, the actual capacity of the most common model of a 3&-in (8.9 cm) floppy disk is 1,474,560 bytes. At the height of their use 1996, there were an estimated five billion disks in use — nearly one for each person on Earth at the time.
It's about one-fifty-five-thousandth as much as a Digital Photo.
In other words, the amount of a Digital Photo is 53,000 times 30 bytes.
(5.3 megapixels, JPEG compression, 100% quality, 24 bits/pixel)
A 5.3-megapixel digital camera photo requires about 1,600,000 bytes of storage space. In 2010, it was expected that 90% of all professionally-taken photographs would be digital instead of film.
It's about one-one-hundred-thousandth as much as a MP3 Song.
In other words, 30 bytes is 0.00001000 times the amount of a MP3 Song, and the amount of a MP3 Song is 100,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, a.k.a. MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3) (128 Kbps, "near-CD-quality"; 3 minutes duration; average)
A three-minute song of typical quality will be about 3,000,000 bytes when encoded into MP3 format. The song Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega was used by AT&T-Bell Labs engineer Karlheinz Brandenburg to test the compression process and is considered the first MP3 song.
It's about one-two-hundred-thousandth as much as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
In other words, 30 bytes is 0.00000540 times the amount of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, and the amount of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is 190,000 times that amount.
(ASCII, plain text)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare would occupy about 5,600,000 bytes when written in plain text without formatting. These works include 38 definitively-attributed plays — 11 tragedies, 17 comedies, and 10 tragedies — as well as 154 sonnets and numerous other poems.
It's about 0.00000004 times as much as a Compact Disc.
In other words, 30 bytes is 0.00000003880 times the amount of a Compact Disc, and the amount of a Compact Disc is 25,770,000 times that amount.
(80-minute, 360,000 sector disc; "Red Book" specifications)
A typical, 80-minute capacity compact disc, commonly known as a 734,000,000 bytes disc will actually hold 773,100,000 bytes of data. Such disks are 1.2 mm (0.047 in) thick.