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How big is 349,900 dunams?

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It's about sixteen times as big as Fort Meade.
In other words, 349,900 dunams is 15.970 times the size of Fort Meade, and the size of Fort Meade is 0.06262 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Fort George G. Meade) (near Odenton, Maryland)
Fort Meade measures 21,910 dunams. It is known as home of the Fort Meade Museum and the National Cryptologic Museum.
It's about one-fifteenth as big as Prince Edward Island.
In other words, 349,900 dunams is 0.0615597 times the size of Prince Edward Island, and the size of Prince Edward Island is 16.24440 times that amount.
(a.k.a. PEI, a.k.a. P.E.I., a.k.a. Île-du-Prince-Édouard, a.k.a. Eilean a' Phrionnsa, a.k.a. Garden of the Gulf, a.k.a. Birthplace of the Confederation, a.k.a. Île Saint-Jean)
Prince Edward Island, located off Canada's eastern coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, measures 5,683,910 dunams in total area. Significant among Prince Edward Island's industries is agriculture, with the island producing 1.3 billion kg (1.4 million tons) of potatoes each year — almost 21% the output of the US state of Idaho with 3% as much land.
It's about seventeen times as big as Nauru.
In other words, the size of Nauru is 0.059 times 349,900 dunams.
(a.k.a. Republic of Nauru, a.k.a. Pleasant Island)
The world's smallest island nation, Nauru is a Micronesian island with a total area of 21,000 dunams. Once a prosperous phosphate mining nation with the highest per-capita income of any nation, today 90% of the population is unemployed.
It's about one-twentieth as big as Delaware.
In other words, 349,900 dunams is 0.054271792643627 times the size of Delaware, and the size of Delaware is 18.4257779463160 times that amount.
(United States)
The "First State," Delaware measures 6,447,180 dunams in total area. Its 19.3 km (12 mi) border with Pennsylvania, referred to as "Twelve-Mile Circle" is the only circular state boundary in the United States.
It's about one-twenty-fifth as big as Juneau.
In other words, 349,900 dunams is 0.0438466 times the size of Juneau, and the size of Juneau is 22.806790 times that amount.
(a.k.a. the City and Borough of Juneau) (Alaska)
The capital of Alaska and third-largest city in both Alaska and the United States, Juneau measures 7,980,094 dunams in total area. Juneau is a port of call for many cruise ships voyaging off the Alaskan coast during the summer season.
It's about thirty times as big as LAX.
In other words, the size of LAX is 0.04 times 349,900 dunams.
(a.k.a. Los Angeles International Airporta, a.k.a. KLAX) (total land area) (2012 figures)
Including nine passenger terminals and several other administrative and cargo facilities, LAX sits on 14,000 dunams of land. In 2014, LAX serviced almost 71 million passengers, 600,000 planes, and over 1.9 million tons of freight.
It's about one-twenty-fifth as big as Puerto Rico.
In other words, 349,900 dunams is 0.0394475 times the size of Puerto Rico, and the size of Puerto Rico is 25.35010 times that amount.
(formally the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a.k.a. Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) (United States)
A self-governing territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is an archipelago with 8,870,000 dunams in total land area. The island is known as a popular tourist destination.